Friday, February 20, 2009

Montreal Detroit bullet point preview

Hey guys, just a couple of details before the game. Stuff to look for and random information. Bullet point style baby.

• In the preseason game between the two teams, TSN called it the Stanley Cup preview. While it may still be true, it looks more like an All Star starting lineup preview.

• Will Carey Price realize another miracle tonight? In you remember, he did that unbelievable save by hitting the puck with his stick behind his back in mid air that forced Pierre McGuire to scream “That’s the save of the year and it’s not even the year yet”. Good times.

• How much time will Ryan O’Byrne play tonight? Hopefully, not much. A smart team like Detroit will put a lot of pressure on him. They will dump the puck his way all game long and try to get in his head to force him to do mistakes. He needs to play less than the 20 or so minutes he played last game. Oh and pair him with Hamerlik as much as possible.

• Will the offense finally convert on more opportunities? The reason I am not too alarmed with the Habs play is because they have their chances, they just missed too often. There are a lot of streaky players on that team and if half of them can finally wake up, the Habs will be in business.

• Will they show the same effort as last game? If they don’t you can forget the last point and the game. But if they do, it’s only Chris Osgood. He can give up fat rebounds and get beat by good shots. They need to play a simpler game. Put the puck on the net and go for it.

• Guillaume Latendresse shouldn’t be playing tonight and Georges Laraque stayed in Montreal so he won’t play before Saturday at the earliest. Will the “Latendresse not playing on Koivu’s line” curse be lifted up? Let’s hope this curse is just something I made up...

Well you have it. Those are my little comments before the game. Hope you guy enjoy it. I’ll have my review later on.

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